Expansion Underway! Konvex seals deal with Payments Way as its new client v2

Expansion Underway! Konvex seals deal with Payments Way as its new client

Here we are with the latest updates from Konvex This time, we have some exciting news to share: we welcome Payments Way Solutions SAS as our new client, and we’re thrilled!

Payments Way revolutionized the payments world with its innovative approach and variety of solutions. As a fintech offering a full range of payment solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, they’re simplifying the payment process for their clients smartly and efficiently.

Why are we so excited about this partnership with Payments Way? Well, because at Konvex, we’re committed to helping fintechs like them optimize their processes and take services to another level for their clients. We understand the challenges of traditional accounting reconciliation processes, and we’re here to simplify them.

That’s why we’re collaborating with Payments Way’s technology to offer them our unified API platform, which allows them to connect practically and efficiently with the main ERPs and accounting systems of their clients. This way, their clients completely forget about reconciling payment transactions, which translates into manual invoice creation.

By gaining access to our unified API, Payments Way becomes a provider not only of payment solutions but also offers automatic reconciliation of invoices and digital transactions with the largest ERPs and accounting systems in Colombia, such as Microsoft 365, SAP Business One, Net Suite, Siigo, and Alegra.

With this, Payments Way, through Konvex, is achieving value generation in its wide customer base across different industries. Additionally, it generates savings of up to 35% in integration costs, an estimated 40% savings in servers and cloud infrastructure, not to mention the savings of around 80% in synchronizing transactions between a payment processor and an accounting system manually, a process currently done manually without investing in external development. A shared success that drives our joint progress!

So, if you’re a company in the fintech sector like Payments Way, don’t miss the opportunity to join us and discover the advantages of our solution.

Get Konvex and be part of the change!

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